Working it Out: Post-vacation!

With my next half marathon 3 weeks away I knew I needed to up the ante on training.  First week post vacation was much more exhausting than I expected but I was able to remain fairly active.  Talk about getting back on the horse!  After this week of workouts there is no doubt I will be ready for Virginia Beach and I am SO excited:

Ready for the beach!!

Ready for the beach!!

Weekly Workout Recap:

Monday:  I had a direct flight back from LA so with the time change ended up getting home in the early evening.  I was tired but since I wasn’t the one flying the plane 😉 figured the least I could do was stock up on some groceries so made a 2.5 mile walk to and from Whole Foods for my exercise tally of the day.

Tuesday:  The first day back to work after some time off is always the toughest.  But, I hadn’t run since Thursday so really wanted to get some miles in.  Though the pace was fairly slow I ran 4.18 miles in 50 minutes (ok, there was some walking in there…)  8.6.13Wednesday:  The plan for today was BodyPump at the gym.  However, I had the opportunity to try out a new class at Roam Fitness so ended up in Barbell instead.  A decision I do not regret!  If you missed it you can find the full recap of this class in my last post but I will definitely be incorporating this into my weekly workout routine (or do my best to).  It was sweaty and awesome.

Thursday:  I was supposed to run upwards of 5 miles today.  However, Barbell left me completely wiped out.  Honestly, it was my first “real” workout in about 3 weeks.  Not only did I oversleep my alarm by an hour (which made me late for work, oops) but I was SORE as H-e-double hockey sticks.  Way to go Barbell!!  No more excuses, this ended up being an unplanned REST day.  Nope, don’t regret that either.  restFriday:  By weeks end I was so exhausted (and really, still sore from Barbell… oww).  Catching up from work and getting my body readjusted to east coast time took a bigger toll than I anticipated.  Darn you jet lag!!  This was also the first weekend in about 3 weeks I had NO plans!  (yay!!)  I initially had today marked as either Kickboxing or Rest day but Thursday changed that.  Another run fell by the wayside in exchange for house cleaning and errands.  To compensate, I walked to a small shopping plaza about a mile and a half away but as it turned out, the plaza is undergoing construction and all the stores were gone.  Perhaps I need to get out more?  I turned around and power walked home for a total of 3 miles.

Saturday:  I have been talking about Barre forever!  I finally signed up for a class at Barre3 in Georgetown.  I’ve heard nothing but good things about it and was pleasantly surprised.  I got a nice workout and worked up a sweat, but also the stretching effects of yoga/pilates.  I felt great afterwards.  I may try another studio to compare but will definitely try to work Barre into my workout plans as well.  barre3_0Sunday:  Having missed a bunch of little runs in between, I knew I could not skip out on my long run for the week.  It has been less humid and hot in DC than is typical for the summer so I went out around noon to overcast skies, light wind and a slow (very slow) and steady run.  Yay me!

8 Miles, done and done!

8 Miles, done and done!

Here’s to another productive and active week!  Did you race or do anything active this weekend?


14 thoughts on “Working it Out: Post-vacation!

  1. Great week! I was active but not as active as I like. Hoping a little time off and my shin will stop hurting. This week I have a plan to stay active even if it isn’t running!

  2. I love Body Pump! 🙂 Such a great class! And I know what you mean…sometimes the day after weight lifting I’m so sore and it’s all I can do to get out of bed – nevertheless run! Good luck on your upcoming half 🙂 I’m from the VA Beach area – I’m sure you’ll love it!

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