Gonna Make You Sweat!

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure (ahem) of participating in an Outrun session with fellow DC bloggers (recap here) offered by Roam Fitness DC.  Their motto “Fitness Without Boundaries” speaks volumes to the functional fitness approach they bring to their indoor and outdoor classes.  As a new gym in the DC area, they are only getting better and have recently introduced “Outrun Adventures” to their mix.  Roam_FitSince I thoroughly enjoyed my outdoor experience naturally I had to try an indoor one – which led me to Barbell.  Don’t let the name fool you, while we did use barbells for some exercises overall it involves compound movement using barbell strength with a focus on Mobility, Strength, and Conditioning.  Each offering incorporates a warm up (foam roll and stretching exercises) then variations of Squat, Press, and Pull exercises and finally “open play” which falls under general conditioning.  As Chris Wascak, Director of Operations and Personal Training, explained to me sometimes the open play can be at the beginning (post warm up) but all sessions are informed by this template.

Chris explains the finer points of barbell lifting!

Chris explains the finer points of barbell lifting!

We had a class of 7 Wednesday evening and what a vibrant and committed group!  There were 3 blocks of exercises for the session.  To begin we partnered up for the first block with 3 sets of:

  • Front Squats with the barbell for 8 reps while our partner simultaneously did
  • Up and Overs with a sandbag for 1 minute, followed by a
  • Cardio Sprint for 1 minute – rotating between rower, bike, and treadmill, then 1 minute rest
Ready to get my sandbag ON!

Ready to get my sandbag ON!

The second block of exercises with our partners included:

  • Barbell press for 12 reps while our partner simultaneously did
  • Medicine ball slams (YES!!) alternating each exercise for a total of 6 minutes

    SLAM, baby SLAM!!!!

    SLAM, baby SLAM!!!!

The final block of exercises was done in groups of 3, all at 1 minute each:

  • TRX rows
  • Sandbag lunges
  • lateral jumps OR cycle spin as an alternative to the jump, then rest
    TRX Rows

    TRX Rows

    TRX Rows, Sandbag Lunges, Lateral Hops

The “open play” involved planks and the rowing machine.

Winning team got to rest, the remaining got 5 burpees!

Winning team got to rest, the remaining got 5 burpees!

This was an amazing workout in a very supportive environment.  I was sweating buckets by the end – in a good way!!  You can expect to SWEAT, expect to workout HARD, and expect to have FUN!  Chris walked around explaining the moves, offering encouragement and assistance.  I enjoyed Barbell so much I left with a package of classes so I guess I’ll be back 🙂 If you are in the DC area, I encourage you to give Roam Fitness DC a try!!  I EARNED my sweat, now to tend to those sore muscles…

Pretty sure there is sweat dripping out of my eye.

Thanks, Chris – pretty sure there is sweat dripping out of my eye.

Quotes of the night:

If I can hear the music over the medicine ball, you’re not slamming it hard enough.” Chris

I broke a nail.” – Class Participant “Casualty of a bad ass workout.” – Chris (my personal favorite)




25 thoughts on “Gonna Make You Sweat!

  1. I love reading your recaps of these classes and I’m bummed I can’t make that adventure you sent around. But this place IS on my list 🙂

  2. I lovvve Roam. You’ll have to try their RowCon class sometime too if you haven’t already!

  3. That sounds like a great workout. I love mixing it up, especially with strength training. Gotta keep my body on its toes!

  4. Found you from FF linkup. Love that you tried the indoor Barbell class. Way to take it up a notch. Sounds a lot like a bootcamp class I have taken at a local Crossfit box in my area. Love that you can go at your own pace, and push yourself with some extra help from the coach. Powerful stuff. Are you going again?? Stop by and say hi sometime!

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  6. Mar,
    That sounds like a serious workout (and looks like the overhead presses are working.. nice delts!).
    I love hammering away in the gym, but my approach is more conventional bodybuilding and powerlifting.
    I do incorporate some extra work too and it is amazing the different type of hard exercises you can do with a sand bag isn’t it?
    Just carrying one on one shoulder and walking around (then flipping to the other shoulder) is a great workout.

    Glad you found one that you like.. because sticking with a routine is a heck of a lot easier if we like it!

    Found you on Friday Linkup and look forward to diving in further!

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