Where I Run…

Fellow Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador, Amy over at Running Escapades is hosting a link up – all about #WhereIRun.  I love blogger link ups as it’s a way to discover new blogs to read and follow and it’s fun to see different perspectives on the same topic.  Today’s link up is all about showcasing your running routes.  Whether new or old, simply a favorite, or even a pleasurable one time experience.  where_I_run

My #WhereIRun moment comes courtesy of the streets of Santa Barbara, CA where I vacationed this week.  I have been on and off the fitness bandwagon for several weeks and just starting to get my groove back.  Naturally, I go on vacation right at that time!   I was a little worried I would take my inconsistent ways with me to California.  BUT a few things happened that swung the motivation pendulum a bit.

First, I had an amazing time at the Steelers Women’s Training Camp Sunday which kicked my energy level up a notch.   Then even though I was sore and tired willed my way to a 3 mile run the day after.  Also recognizing I have a half marathon in a month (gulp) that I NEED to be ready for there is no room for being sedentary.  I packed several workout outfits and my running shoes and naturally quizzed my friends on the closest running route.

I was directed to the Maria Ignacio creek trail which is mostly asphalt. It’s about 2 miles and connects with other trails for longer runs and eventually hits the beach. It is popular among skaters and cyclists. I’ll save the beach for my long run but what a fun 4 mile out and back experience:






This is the first trip in a long time I have taken to NOT run a race. I enjoyed every step of my west coast vacation 4 miler!

Tell me, where do YOU run?  Do you have a favorite run route experience?


9 thoughts on “Where I Run…

  1. That trail is beautiful! I’m in South Carolina visiting, and I’ve been hitting up the treadmill at the gym. Mostly because it’s ridiculously hot and the gym is really nice. Nice break!

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