A Training We Will Go!

I had the absolute BEST time at Steelers Women’s Training Camp this weekend.  I am extremely exhausted and have barely been able to keep my eyes open (Happy Monday!) but it was worth it to spend a day with some fabulous women, friends old and new, and of course a bevy of Steelers players.  My love for this team knows no bounds!  I know you’re really in the recap for the pictures so let me get it started!bannerThe day began bright and early with registration and a continental breakfast.  With over 300 women participating they divided us into four groups: Sun, American Flag, Pink, or Red.  You stay with the group you’re assigned to as you move from station to station which are QB, Receiving, Kicking/Punting and Offense/Defense.  At check in we received our name tag and a wrist band designating our group and VIP status 😉 .  There was plenty of opportunity to mingle at the start and hey, a little early photo op with one of the former Steelers players:  WR Yancey Thigpen y’all:  YanceyTWe were then called to order and given a review of the days itinerary as well as introductions of all the Steelers Alumni players who would be coaching us through drills.  They were (from L-R): K Bahr, P Mike Schneck, DL Edmund Nelson, OL Craig Wolfley, QB Mike Tomczak, and WR Yancey Thigpen.  alumFrom 9 to noon we would move in 45 minute increments from each drills station.  At noon we were given a very nice and yummy bagged lunch as well as an autograph and photo opportunity with each of the Alumni players.  (bloggers note: during the introductions I took out my camera only to realize I did not insert the memory card.  #FAIL.  I skipped out on the alumni autographs to head to Office Max.  Can’t have a sideline view of football players with no camera.  End note) 😉

My friends and I definitely got our workouts in!  We ran routes (running, yay!), kicked footballs, tossed passes, and participated in hefty offensive and defensive line drills.  Our groups first station was offense/defense.  Steelers.com managed to capture one of my Defensive drill moments (that’s Edmund Nelson to my left) before I took it out on the pads (literally):

© Steelers.com Women's Training camp 7.28.13

© Steelers.com Women’s Training camp 7.28.13

and a little offensive action (check out those calf muscles!!):  defenseYet, I do not think I will become a pioneer of female NFL kickers anytime soon:  kick2Following drills there was a little break in the action where we had lunch (and my aforementioned “errand”).  There were also presentations from the Pittsburgh Passion (female football team) who assisted the players with drills, a representative from Magee Women’s Hospital (major sponsor of camp) and a showing of videos:  The Immaculate Reception from NFL Network and highlights (or lowlights) of the Steelers 2012 season.  After the presentations it was time to head on over to the field for a little VIP sideline action.  It was only the second day of practice so no helmets and pads (not complaining!) and the weather could not have been more perfect.  camp_teamFinally it was time to head inside and wait in line for autograph opportunities with current players.  They don’t tell you who they are going to get so you take your chances if you want to wait.  We waited for over an hour (boo!) but in the end it was worth it as I got to see David DeCastro (offensive lineman) and Ryan Clark (safety).  If you do not know who either of these players are, no worries.  I’ll just leave you with this:


David DeCastro


Ryan Clark

Following the current player autographs we were treated to an amazing dinner (seriously – chicken, steak (yes, a whole steak), baked beans, pasta salad, corn on the cob, veggies and dip, cookies, brownies and all the soda and water you can drink (bad blogger, didn’t take food photos).  I love the Steelers organization for many, many reasons but the way they treat their fans is simply unreal.  Even though I had to make the trek back to DC afterwards, this day was perfect in every way and could not have been more enjoyable.  Thank you again for another great year!!  oh, and have I mentioned the swag?  🙂  steelerswagHow many of you are sports fans?  Would you ever participate in a female training camp with your favorite team?!  I’ll be posting more photos of camp over at Girls Talk Game very soon!


11 thoughts on “A Training We Will Go!

  1. So jealous! I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but the one for my Alma Matter always fills up before I can get signed up!!!

  2. too bad – there are plenty of pics of me and my girls on Steelers.com though! and my friends made WTAE (check YouTube). They photobombed Yancey’s interview 😉 I missed the party. I had a total blast!!

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