Working Out with the Steelers!

Oh YES it is finally here!!  This weekend I am going to get my workout on with my black and gold brethren.  Steelers Women’s Training Camp is bright and early on Sunday and I do not think I have to tell you how ridiculously excited and happy I am about this!!  My caravan of Steelers’ chicks are ready to get our offense, defense, QB and kicking skills ON!   I am not sure Saint Vincent College is ready for this… svcIf you head on over to my sports blog site Girls Talk Game you’ll find my training camp primer post.  (or just click here).  We would love comments and shares as we continue to build the site!  I am about as ready as I going to be for hours of football fun and if last year is any indication, I will be sore for quite a bit after!

Weekly Workout Recap

As far as workouts go I’m still trying to get back on the exercise wagon.  I had more off days than not again this week but I’m working on it.  Having a house guest this week I couldn’t leave alone provided a bit more of a challenge to getting out there.

Sunday: 35 minute treadmill run (total 3.91 miles)
Monday:  REST

Tuesday:  REST and took in a baseball game!


Pittsburgh Pirates v. Washington Nationals 7/23/13

Wednesday:  1 mile run and core work
Thursday: 4.5 mile run
Friday: REST
Saturday: *Planned 5K run – and Sunday naturally is Training camp!

I will have a full recap and PICTURES (woo hoo!) next week.  Enjoy your weekends everyone!!!!

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