What’s In Your Fridge?

Earlier this week fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador Lea over at Running With Ollie mentioned she was going to do a link up and asked us to show what was in your refrigerator.  The good, the bad and the ugly ;).  I decided to join in the fun and answer the age old question:  whats_inWhen I read her post it just so happened to be grocery and food prep day.  I’ve had a house guest this week, my 12 year old niece, so I knew I needed more than what is usually there!  It’s no secret I recently moved and still getting into a daily routine so I’m lucky enough to get myself up and out of the house for work let alone stocking the shelves.  Let’s take a look!  fridge2

  • Beverages:  Santa Cruz Organic Peach Lemonade – love this stuff.  I get it from Whole Foods and there are a ton of flavors.  I tend to drink water (note the Smart Water bottle!) or green tea for the most part but when I want something just a little sweeter, it’s perfect.  I am allergic to oranges so the OJ and juice boxes you see belong to the kid 😉
  • Meats:  For meal prep I buy packages of chicken breast tenders, salmon, and ground turkey.  There are also Tilapia filets, fresh cilantro and shredded cabbage (fish tacos for dinner!)
  • Vegetables:  I am a creature of habit and make ground turkey, brown rice and quinoa red stuffed peppers which end up being lunch for several days.  It’s easy peasy and I never tire of it! (well, not  yet).  I look for the biggest red peppers I can find!  Also this week I purchased some veggie kabobs and will grill them and remove the sticks to keep as a quick side dish.
  • Fruit:  Strawberries and Mangoes are staples in my fridge.  I will often eat them as is, in my protein shakes, or with a side of yogurt for dipping.
  • I also picked up some fresh mint, brewed green tea and iced it.  I’ve been drinking this for days!  green tea

On the inside shelf – nothing too fancy.  I’m loving Zola Acai juice after I reviewed it some time ago.  Skim milk for me and my protein shakes (2% for the kid), Annie’s dressings, condiments, whole grain pancake mix, creamer – never giving that up in my coffee so call it an indulgence, Sweet Red wine – indulgence #2 (notice the Disney bottle stopper!), Yuengling, and champagne :).  fridge1So what’s in your fridge?  Head on over to Lea’s blog to see what other bloggers have to say and join in the link up!!


19 thoughts on “What’s In Your Fridge?

  1. I buy mangoes already sliced. Luckily the Whole Foods near me has a cut up fruit aisle. I could never buy them otherwise. I’d be lost!

    The organization is an optical illusion 😉

  2. In my fridge right now, I shit you not, besides condiments, we have ENERGYbits, a 6 pack of Iron City from Christmas, a bottle of Rogue Beer- Voo Doo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale, a 12 pack of Coke, a carton of Almond Milk, and a couple of containers of vegetables, that need to be thrown out. 🙂

  3. I love looking in others fridge but would be horrified if you looked in mine. It is full of junk for my boys (17 & 21…it’s hard to get them to change). And I’d be lying if I said I never eat any of it.

  4. Love this idea! Also your fridge is a great mix of mostly healthy with some fun beverages 🙂

  5. tee hee – the fun beverages are usually the only thing in there (well, besides strawberries!) To be fair, they have been in there awhile. The Champagne especially.

  6. Your green tea and mint combo looks delish! There’s just something so refreshing and summery about iced tea! And as for your comment on my blog… I suppose I’ll let the whole empty fridge exterior thing go for now, but you’d better get on it ASAP. 😉

  7. haha!! I am appropriately scorned 😉 if only you knew – I just got my couches today! and yes, the green tea and mint is divine!! I live for iced tea – but fresh not bottled.

  8. I’m a skim milk gal too…and we’ve just started buying some of the Annie’s dressings…they’re really good.
    You have to have your creamer, and I have to have my mayo. Just can’t give it up!

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