“Just Do It!”

Major Announcement:

Prior to starting this blog I had a sports blog, Mar’s View From the Stands.  After 3 years it morphed more into stories about my running habit so I decided to stop writing about sports and focus more on running and Mar on the Run! was born.  I’ve missed it for awhile, though I infuse a little bit into my posts here and there.  My bestie in Chicago, who is a pretty gifted writer, and I have talked for a long while about a partnership to rejuvenate the sports blogging world from a gals perspective.  Well we decided to “Just Do It!” thus I am proud to introduce you all to:  Girls Talk Game GTG-bannerGirls Talk Game will cover sports news and related topics all from a girls perspective.  We have planned a soft launch, which is now, and there are more features and surprises in store in the coming weeks and months.  There is a little something for everyone so I encourage you to hop on over and give us a read!!  You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t worry, Mar on the Run! still stands and I’m sure will captivate you with my future marathon training stories 🙂

Weekly Workout Recap:

After feeling the blah for a few days I finally got a little boost in my strength and energy.  The week in workouts wasn’t great, but I’m slowly getting back on the horse!  Thank you all for your lovely comments and support as I work to get my “groove” back 🙂

  • Sunday: Biggest Loser 10K (recap)
  • Monday: 2.5 mile walk
  • Tuesday:  Sick day – boo!
  • Wednesday: Recovery from sick day – boo!
  • Thursday:  Kickboxing!!  My gym opened a new location a few blocks from my office, convenient, sweaty, fun!
  • Friday: REST
  • Saturday: 3 miles on and off trail

A few other pieces of smiley face news:  I finally settled on living room furniture which is being delivered this week (huzzah!).  This weekend I got a visit from my family and will have my niece for the week as she attends summer camp (yay!).  We’ll take in a Pirates/Nats game and hopefully some other fun activities.  And at weeks end, this happens:

steelersGiddy like a school girl!!  And as long as I don’t get hit in the head with a football thrown by a former Steelers tight end (again), I’ll be alright! 🙂  Full recap of course to follow.  After training camp I get a much needed relaxing vacation in sunny southern California: californiaBliss… and then I should return rejuvenated enough to start focusing on Rock n’ Roll Virginia Beach half.  Feels good to get your groove on.

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14 thoughts on ““Just Do It!”

  1. How exciting, I’m looking forward to reading your new-ish sports blog. I too am one of those girls that talks sports with the boys rather then players bootys with the girls haha Also what the heck is the Steelers Women’s training day? Sounds like fun though!

  2. We are VERY excited to bring it to you!! Steelers women’s training camp is a full day of drills (offense, defense, QB, kicking) just ladies with Steelers alumni. Then we get a sideline VIP view of watching them practice! Yelp!

  3. OOOOMMMMGGGG!!! I can’t believe you are going to their training camp!!!! SO, SO JEALOUS!!! You MUST post a billion pictures!!!

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