Celebrate, Independence, Run…

I think I speak for most when I say yay for short weeks and holidays.  With an early dismissal from work Wednesday I was able to get my holiday celebration started (well, after my workout!) and for the 4th, I’ll be catching the fireworks at a prime location in downtown DC 😉 Happy Birthday America!!!!  298677If you were paying attention you may have seen some BIG news in my last post.  And if you didn’t, well… thanks for reading!  Kidding of course (and to be fair it was buried at the bottom of everything else).  So let me say it again, loud and proud:  I have decided to run my FIRST EVER MARATHON next March, which just so happens to coincide with my 40th birthday.  EEK!

I know now what you’re thinking.  Which one, Mar, which ONE?!  Initially I had my eye on the Rock n’ Roll USA Marathon.  I have run the RnR USA Half for the past 2 years and enjoyed the race through our nation’s capital (some logistics aside).  But then I heard about the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, correction the “YUENGLING Shamrock Marathon, which is the same weekend.

shamrock-marathonUm, yeah… I think you can guess which one I picked?  Hello Shamrock!  So now that this is a done deal I have altered my running plans slightly for the latter half of the year.  I just confirmed my registration for the Buckaneer 5K and Southern Fried Chicken Half, a weekend of racing at Outer Banks, NC in November.  After that, no more races in 2013 and marathon training begins!!  I am pretty excited about this new challenge in my life.  Seriously, goosebumps.  I hope you’ll stick with me through this journey!  More to come 🙂

life-is-a-journeyWeekly Workout Recap

  • Saturday:  2.5 mile treadmill run
  • Sunday:  REST (traveling home from Pittsburgh!)
  • Monday:  Strength training w/trainer – focus on upper body and core – seriously he put me through plank HELL.
  • Tuesday: 3 mile neighborhood run in the rain – it was glorious and refreshing!
  • Wednesday:  Strength training w/trainer – leg day! (and can we discuss the continued soreness in my core?)
  • Thursday:  *planning elliptical and core work
  • Friday: *planning a 10K run

This weekend I will be participating in a specially organized DC Blogger event through Roam Fitness DC.  It’s a fairly new gym/personal training studio and they have a program called “OutRun” which has been characterized as “If Bootcamp and Your Weekly Group Run Had a Lovechild: Out Run at Roam Fitness” – DC FitCrasher  

Should be fun so look for the recap next week!  Have a marvelous start to your weekends, and a great Fourth of July!!


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