Lace ’em up!

After all the running activity last weekend I took it somewhat easy this week (at least on the legs!!)  I did however have quite an interesting run on Thursday.  What I thought would be a slow and steady 4 mile jaunt through the neighborhood ended up being a bit of a sightseeing adventure.  About a mile and a half in I saw the little guys on the left.  They were scared of me (yea I know, I’m evil) so I couldn’t get a great picture but they were so little and absolutely adorbs I was having my very own photo shoot.  Then at about mile 3.5 I ran into the guy on the right.  Keep in mind I was nowhere near water and he was just hanging out by the sidewalk.  Total randomness.  Too bad ducks can’t talk, I really wanted to ask him if he was ok 😉

faunaWeekly Workout Recap:

  • Saturday: Big Elk half marathon (recap!)
  • Sunday:  Baltimore Women’s Classic 5k (recap!)
  • Monday:  much needed and welcome REST DAY
  • Tuesday:  much needed and welcome MASSAGE 🙂 little deep tissue never hurt anybody (well, it hurt but in a good way!)
  • Wednesday:  Strength training with trainer – upper body / ARMS!!
  • Thursday:  4 mile walk/run (see above Fauna for the walk part!)
  • Friday: Strength training with trainer


The one thing I truly love about the running community is the sense of pride and support we give to one another.  A short time ago Saucony designed these limited time only #BostonStrong lace medallions as a fundraiser for the One Fund Boston.  All of the proceeds went to the fund and raised over $50,000!!  BostonStrongThese medallions are now SOLD OUT but… I wanted to do my part for supporting Boston and purchased several pair.  Now I want to share a few with YOU so I’m GIVING 3 SETS AWAY!!! Yay!!  Please enter through Rafflecopter below.  The Giveaway is open now until Sunday and winners (3) will be selected and announced on Monday.  3 days, 3 sets, 3 winners.  Any questions?  No?  Now, get to entering and good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway – GIVEAWAY ENDED!

Happy Weekend!!


22 thoughts on “Lace ’em up!

  1. Running is special to me because it’s my “me” time. I don’t have to worry about anyone else but myself.

  2. I love running (and just blogged about why I love it so much yesterday, haha)!!! Running is special to me because it pushes me to my limits and teaches me things about myself that I never knew (or would know without running). I especially love the endorphin release and emotional clarity it gives me, too!

  3. You had an extremely busy week. I’m glad that you enjoyed your runs. By the way, ducks can talk. You just don’t understand their language. Quack, quack. 😉

  4. Ahhh, the amazingness of massages! For me, running is a release. It’s a way to either push myself and see what I’m made of or just have time to myself and think… or not, haha! I haven’t heard of those Boston medallions before… they are awesome!

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