Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-unn!

I have been a ball of energy this week.  I’m settling in to my new home and finally got it right with my new commute.  Because of this my morning schedule and routine has changed slightly.  I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier (I am such a night owl) and getting up earlier (scoff!) but I know in the long run that it will all even out.

Part of this new found energy can be attributed to some GOOD NEWS I received this week in the form of acceptance as a Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador!!  Girls Gone Sporty is a movement about embracing how to “Live the sporty life!”  GGS is “dedicated to sharing the top products, trends and ideas for advancing the fit and adventurous lifestyle. We know that sporty women work hard, play hard, compete and eat, all with the intention of being their best, most positive selves. Our commitment is to provide positive, informative and encouraging content that’s based on science and experience.” girlsgonesporty-ambassador-badge-fixedAs an ambassador I am part of a network of women who band together to focus on and spread the word on positive health.   I am just one small blog but love being able to voice my opinions in this forum and share my passion for health and fitness with you.  I’ve met some great people along the way and am proud of this latest “badge”.  Thank you all for the inspiration.

Weekly Workout Recap:

Looking ahead to the weekend good times are in store as I take on the XTERRA Adventure Series Big Elk Half Marathon on Saturday then venture to the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K on Sunday.  Whew!  I’m sure those will be fun recaps to write and cannot wait!!  This week has been all about building a little momentum and getting the legs ready.


Ready to hit the trails!!

  • Sunday – 5K run, 1 mile walk
  • Monday – 4 mile run
  • Tuesday – 1 hour full body strength training w/trainer.  Kicking tail and taking names 😉


    Killing those squats and working those arms!!

  • Wednesday – REST
  • Thursday – 2 mile run, core work
  • Friday – REST
  • Saturday – *Big Elk Half Marathon
  • Sunday – *Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K

If you don’t have as active a weekend planned as me, can you get some rest for me?  I’m gonna need it – a massage and pedicure are sure to follow (me, not you)  KThanks!  Oh and bloggers note:  for those who follow me and may have received an earlier version of this post, sorry!!  I had technical difficulties with the Giveaway app so needed to delete it but stay tuned next week!  I am having a giveaway and you are gonna love it! 🙂  Here’s to the weekend!!!!


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