“These are a Few of My Favorite Things!”

This has certainly been a week of highs (Glass Slipper) and lows (yeah, mostly related to my move like losing my Couch, washing my new iPod nano, my fob to the fitness center not working and the bed falling apart – don’t worry, the movers put that back together – but the list could go on).  In all the craziness I haven’t devoted as much time to the blog as I would have liked but hey, life gets busy and it happens and I’m still smiling!!  In any event, things are calming down a bit so what better way to start off the weekend than with “Friday Favorites”.  Just a few things that have managed to brighten up my week.  Enjoy!!

Favorite New Find:  Kashi Snack Bars.  I discovered these over the weekend and cannot get enough of them.  Healthy, yummy and full of whole grain and protein!  010Favorite Drink:  Iced Green Tea.  Took me forever to get this from Starbucks the other day and I was given the wrong size, but it was worth it!
imageFavorite Home Purchase:  Since I am doing a lot of house cleaning, unpacking and decorating and Bed Bath and Beyond has become a second home 😉 I bought these for the bathrooms.  Can I just walk on this all day?!  Whoever invented Memory Foam is a GENIUS!011Favorite Flower:  Hydrangeas, as seen on my run this week.  I needed an energy boost so decided to run.  No particular route, no particular distance.  I ended up running 4 miles going through the Zoo and powering up a massive hill.  On the way home I discovered a few of these along the way, my absolute favorite flower.  Nature = so. freaking. beautiful.
imageFavorite Snack: Strawberries.  I could eat these every day (and actually, I generally do).  I slice them in salads, eat with some yogurt, add to my protein shakes or just gobble them up plain (accompanied by a glass of wine, ahem).  Total addiction!  strawberriesFavorite Way to Unwind:  After a long day on Wednesday (my rest day) I decided to cruise the new neighborhood (on foot) and check out some of the local sites.  I hit up a new (to me) Mexican place for dinner but not without a little “refreshment” first (what? it was 90 degrees that day!)  Yes, there are “strawberries” in it. 😉


Mmm mmm mmm, Margaritas!!

Favorite Dessert:  After my Mexican fiesta,  I stumbled into this cute little sweet shop and indulged in my favorite flavor of ice cream, Mint Chocolate Chip.  Haven’t had ice cream in forever since switching to Froyo but oh. my. yum.

ice creamFavorite Addiction:  When I moved I didn’t have cable or internet for many, many days so upped the ante on my Candy Crush Saga game.  Now I’m addicted and on Level 65.  Correction, I’m stuck on Level 65. Mindless, yes, I know… (but it helps the bus ride while commuting!)candy crush Favorite Fitness Meme:  I saw this one on Facebook this week and while I know realistically you are not supposed to run from a bear, this made me laugh.  Hard.bear Favorite Running Accessory:  A fellow blogger shared the page for Bama + Ry about a month ago.  The artist makes handstamped nickel and copper jewelry and after looking at her stuff I bought this necklace.  It was delivered right before I moved and I admired it quickly before packing it away.  I uncovered it from my jewelry box and haven’t taken it off all week!  I am woman, hear me roar 🙂 200Favorite Running Song:  Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell and T.I.  (just click, you’ll understand why after about 3 beats!)

Favorite Guilty Pleasure:  90’s Boy Bands


NKOTB, Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees

Yes, I will be seeing them tonight in concert.  No, I am not ashamed – I’ve got the Right Stuff, baby. 🙂

Finally, wishing a HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my Favorite Dad!!!!  Beautiful end to the week.  How will you spend this Father’s Day weekend? and, what are some of YOUR favorite things?


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