If the Shoe Fits…


Wear it!!!

There are some days that come and go where you think “how in the world did XX happen”.  Today just so happened to be one of those days.

9:00 AM – Phase 2 of operation get my couch into my house begins.  You are lucky I haven’t bored you with this saga, but this is why my blogging has been sub par as of late.

10:36 AM – Email from runDisney reminding me of Princess Half registration opening at noon.  I ignored it.  I wasn’t going.  Mind was made up. 😉

11:20 AM – It’s official.  After much effort and sweaty movers my couch won’t fit through the doorway of my new place.  Enter sad face and OMG exclamation that I need to buy new furniture.  grr

11:56 AM – Text from my running / travel buddy:  “Did you get the email about Glass Slipper Challenge at Disney in Feb? 10K on Sat and Princess Half on Sun.  Interested in another trip together?”

12:00 PM – Text back:  hmmmm…

12:50 PM – runDisney post on Facebook about the Glass Slipper Challenge.  Already 75% full.

12:58 PM – More texts back and forth.  I’m on my 3rd cup of coffee.

1:08 PM – this happened…

registrationSo there you have it.  I have no couch but hey, I’m going to Disney (and the challenge is now SOLD out!)  2 races, 3 medals, 8 months away.  We runners are a silly, silly breed – and I couldn’t be happier 🙂  (let the madness of deciding on my costumes begin…)


13 thoughts on “If the Shoe Fits…

  1. It’s a good weekend for a race…hell, why not 2? With the amount of bling you will be collecting there won’t be any room in your house for a couch anyway. Next dilemma…will the bling fit through the door?

  2. I seriously just laughed SO hard right now… I was saying PIVOT, PIVOT in my head while they were trying to squeeze it in. LOL!!

    Disney wasn’t entirely in my plans for next year, but hey – things change 😉

  3. Haha.. love the couch story.. hope it all works out. Everything falls into place.. sounds like the Glass Slipper thing was just what you needed to balance the couch struggle. 😉

  4. me and my impulse purchases, oh Disney… but I’m excited too! We’ll have to meet up again. And I guess the good news is, I get to go shopping for furniture. That’s gotta be a plus, right??

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