Try it, You Might Like it!

While my official racing season has ended until fall, I am remaining active with shorter runs and other strength training activities.  Since I love a good challenge (and need something to blog about!) I have decided to spend my summer trying new things.

thinkWhy yes, I did just quote Dr. Seuss!  The man (cat?) is a genius!  Each week beginning with the solstice I will partake in some kind of unknown (to me) activity.  I am not limiting this to just physical activity, but that will certainly be a main focus.  I’m not going to plan it in detail week to week (I know I’m Type A but I want to enjoy this, not structure “fun”).  Here are a few ideas I’ve got thus far:

  • XTERRA Adventure Series Big Elk half marathon, June 22:  This is the one thing I have set in stone.  I’ve always wanted to do more trail running so this is how I will officially kick off summer!!
  • Pure Barre:  I have heard great (and difficult) things about this so I am at least going to try a class out!
  • Crossfit:  As into strength training as I am I have never attempted Crossfit.  I’d like to at least take an introductory class and see if it’s for me!
  • Hiking:  This region has some beautiful terrain and mountain ranges.  I’ve already started researching the area for some nice spots.
  • Exploring History:  Being in the nation’s capital there is so much to explore I haven’t even touched.  Trips will include Mount Vernon (George Washington’s estate), a real visit to the Zoo (when it’s open and not just to run!!) and some other natural museum jaunts.
  • Farmers Markets:  Would you believe I have never been to one of these?  You can stop laughing now.
  • California:  I have never been to the west coast so I plan on vacationing there later this summer to visit friends, yay!!
  • Oh and before I forget, my friends tried to convince me to participate in this: banner

That was met with a resounding NO, but I will throw down some tomatoes at the Tomato Royale that follows and spectate my other pals for the bull run.  There are things I will try but running with bulls is certainly not one of them 😉 .  In any event this is shaping up to be a fabulous and active summer!!

How about you, anything you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t yet?! 


5 thoughts on “Try it, You Might Like it!

  1. I’m getting curiouser and curiouser about triathlons! Something I might have to check out in the near future. (And probably get a better bike than the one I currently have!).

    I’d never been to a Farmer’s Market until I went to one in California about 5 years ago. I think it’s because I’m from NJ so usually, I go directly to the farms! 🙂 I’ve never done CrossFit either, as there isn’t one nearby, but I’m curious about that as well.

  2. Interesting!! I keep getting asked if I want to eventually do a triathlon. I’d have to think about it (and get really good at riding a bike!) I haven’t swam in years unless you count splashing in the ocean!

  3. I was actually able to track down a triathlon that’s happening literally around the corner from my house (at a pool, not a lake/ocean) so I’m going to mosey over there and see what I can learn!

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