National Running Day! Let’s Celebrate…

These days there seems to be a day for everything, but I could not be more excited about this one – National Running Day!!  This is every runners dream!!  It’s time to kick on those laces and get out there and go, go, GO!  No excuses, at least not today 🙂  Even if it is one mile, outside, in place, on a treadmill, on the track,  on the trail, slow or fast – it COUNTS!

i runThe good people over at have come up with a list of 10 ways to celebrate National Running Day.  So many ways and so many reasons, pick one!

  1. Declare your passion
  2. Bring a”runway” to work
  3. Invite your friends!
  4. Make Happy Hour Running Hour instead
  5. Try a new route
  6. Give the gift of running *bloggers note: if you are physically unable to run, consider making a donation to an organization that helps to improve the healthy lives of others.  I can think of at least one (cough Girls on the Run cough)
  7. Make it a family affair
  8. Choose a running resolution
  9. Enjoy the great outdoors
  10. Reward yourself 🙂

I plan to celebrate by running 5 miles (for the 5th) AND I just registered for the XTERRA Adventure Series Big Elk Half Marathon on June 22 (and yes, I have every intention of running the Baltimore Women’s Classic the next day, call it a recovery run!)  The Elk is an off road course and I’ve always wanted to do more trail running!  I know I said I wasn’t going to race long this summer buuuuut I did say it would be about trying new things, right?  😉  And, I get to wear these (my recently broken in trail runners!)

trail shoesSo, are you in?  What are YOU going to do to celebrate?!

HAPPY NATIONAL RUNNING DAY!!  don’t forget the candles on that well deserved cake 🙂

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10 thoughts on “National Running Day! Let’s Celebrate…

  1. Funny…my friend said the same exact thing this morning about there being a day for everything! 🙂 happy running day! I love your shoes. I’ve been wanting to do some trail running myself. Good luck on the race!

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