A Review!! Zola, Fruits of the World

Being a part of the Sweat Pink community we are presented with some pretty unique opportunities to try new products and review them on our blogs.  I was offered a chance to try Zola Coconut Water products. Zola produces all natural coconut water, and organic acai berry juices both gluten and GMO free.


I know many people who drink Coconut Water and swear by it, I have just never tried it.  I will say I am not a huge fan of coconut (and I have a slight allergy to it!) so my first reaction was I’ll pass.  But I was tempted by the Acai Berry Juice and that was enough to convince me to at least try.  After signing up my package soon came and hey, presentation is everything!  It was like Christmas I almost didn’t want to unwrap it!



The first thing I grabbed was the Acai Berry Juice.  I opened it and my immediate reaction was “yum”.  Yes, I said that.  Out loud.  To myself.  I have heard many good things about the acai berry, including that it is rich in antioxidants and Omega Fatty Acids.  I get and appreciate all that but it was really good.  I took a few more sips and put it in the fridge to chill and reserve for later.  I waited awhile to try the Coconut Water.  I kept it in the fridge and one day after a quick neighborhood run came home and cracked open the can.  It was… not for me.  The taste is certainly something to get used to, and I’m glad I had chilled it.  I may experiment later with making a smoothie from the Coconut Water with pulp.

While I’m still not completely sold on the Coconut Water would I try the Acai Berry Juice again?  Yes, please!  You can find these products at Whole Foods and other markets.  Check their website for the store locator to find one nearest you.  You can also order in bulk online.  And thanks Zola for these cool shades 😉


**Disclaimer: I was provided these products in exchange for my review.  The opinions expressed are mine, all mine!


4 thoughts on “A Review!! Zola, Fruits of the World

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