Well Hello June, Glad to See Ya!

Is it me or did May just seem to fly by?!  In any case, Welcome June!!!!  I’m happy the month of Summer is upon us!  (though it’s been in the 90’s here all week so I’d say Summer has already arrived)  😉  These guys were a little happy too, they needed some pool time relief!



I’ve been a little quiet on the blog this week because as you may have read, I traveled to and from Boston, ran a half marathon, packed up my place and moved to a new one (I’d like to say I’m unpacking too but that’s a bit of a slow burn).  I am exhausted – and just in time to get back to work!  You can check out my Boston’s Run to Remember recap here if you haven’t already.

Racing season for me is done until September when I’ll travel to Virginia Beach for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  I’m going to focus my summer months on strength and conditioning, RELAXING, and trying some new things.  Not to worry, I’m still running just not as often and as long – and probably a lot of treadmill action, too hot down here!!  I have committed myself to one small distance race a month and signed up for the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K in June.  And for the first time ever, they have medals y’all:


My next race after that is The Biggest Loser Run/Walk 10K in July.  They have an Inaugural medal as well (what can I say I like my summertime bling).  You can run or WALK a 5K or 10K distance.  And some past contestants who have transformed their lives will be there.  I got a friend to sign up and we are both excited 🙂 .



August is run free (and a vacation to Cali-FORN-I-A)

I’m crossing my fingers for a drama free cable/internet hookup on Monday.  Then I’ll be back and raring to go.  I have a yummy product review on tap for you as well as a look into my fitness closet so stay tuned.  Tell me, what’s been going on in your worlds? Catch me up!

In the meantime, this is where I’ll be:

My running shoes know their place 😉

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12 thoughts on “Well Hello June, Glad to See Ya!

  1. I keep looking at the biggest loser runs, but they’re never close enough. I really want to participate in one 🙂 Good luck unpacking. That’s my least favorite thing to do. I actually enjoy packing (because it forces me to purge/donate and clean).. The medal for the Baltimore Women’s Classic 5K is nice!! I tend to do virtual 5ks because they have medals and I like the medals 🙂 Makes me feel like I did something 😉

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