Run Army Strong!

This has been a crazy week, a busy week, a pretty non-working out even though I’m supposed to and have a half marathon in less than 2 weeks, week.  A week that has me looking months ahead at my calendar and wondering where all my time has gone and is still going.  So naturally this happened:


I pretty much decided that I was NOT going to do the Army Ten-Miler again this year.  It was not my best run (having immediately followed a PR’d half marathon) and I’ve pretty much documented my feelings on the 10 miler in general.  I also was hemming and hawing between 2 half marathons that particular weekend.  But, I cannot deny it is a GREAT race put on by a phenomenal organization.  And when that email I received yesterday reminded me of the general registration opening at 12:01 and how much of a quick sellout it is, well, things that make you go hmmm.  A couple of friends also asked if I was doing it and I said no.  Then I thought about it, and thought some more.  I decided to sleep on it and if I woke up this morning and saw there were still spots, I’d take that as a sign and register.  I think you can figure out the end to this story 🙂 .

So, I will have another opportunity to conquer a 10-miler, a race distance which plagues me.  Consider it a new 2013 goal.  I do have 10k’s scheduled for either side of this weekend.  The week before is Rock N’ Roll Brooklyn 10K and then the Marine Corps Marathon 10K the week after.  And I assure you, I have checked the Steeler’s game schedule, we’re good.

Last's year awesome finisher's coin!!

Last’s year awesome finisher’s coin!!

By the way, this race – which has 30,000 entrants was sold out by 9 am!


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