Rest is Good, no?

What a week this has been!  I’m still breathing in the euphoria of my PR at the Pittsburgh Half on Sunday.  So much so that I have not worked out since Sunday and let’s just say I do not regret that Papa John’s pizza I had last night 🙂  I will work on a recovery run today.


Honestly, my legs were complete jello this week.  After the run I had a few hours of downtime before heading back on the road home.  Sitting in a car for several hours after running 13 miles, kinda sucks.  I foam rolled a little when I got home but I was tired and it wasn’t highly effective.  Then I hit the sack and went to work the next day, a bit stifled in the walking department.  It’s been a long week.  I did intend to be loose on the workouts this week though to keep my legs fresh for Boston in a little over two weeks, but not this loose.

This downtime has allowed me to focus on a few other things (um, just not packing).  I signed up for the What’s Beautiful Challenge with Under Armour Women.  The idea is for each round (8 weeks) to set a goal and participate in your own challenges to get there.  You can also follow other athletes and join a team and provide motivation and inspiration to other women.  I’ve been invited to join several teams, which has been great!  My goal is to record personal bests in my next 2 half marathons, 3 weeks apart and also volunteer for Girls on the Run.  Well, part one of that was accomplished on Sunday and next weekend is my volunteer opportunity with Girls on the Run, which I’m extremely excited about!!  For me, this will be a nice motivational push.  It’s good to share goals with others and reinforce a bit of accountability on yourself.  Check it out (ladies) and define your own What’s Beautiful!  Oh, and try to win a trip to Costa Rica!


I  have also revisited my race calendar and made a few adjustments for the year.  After Boston, I am done with half marathons until September.  I have a few local fun 5 and 10’ks I will do over the summer and likely will sit out Rock n’ Roll Chicago (or participate in the 5k).  With that, I am also looking to do the Monster Mash Half in Dover, DE in October.  I recently found out my running partner for Disney can no longer make it to the Wine and Dine in November – so, I have opted to defer my registration as well and will instead head to the Outer Banks for OBX Marathon weekend.  Yay!  They have several racing distances (5K, 8K, half and full) and you can do challenges for more medals and prizes.  Well, sign me up!  I am going to shoot for the 5K and Half Marathon challenge.

This will be a relatively quiet weekend, much needed after last weekend.  I need to get on that packing thing 🙂  And still working on a post where I’ll share some photo shoot pictures.  What’re your big weekend plans?!?!

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8 thoughts on “Rest is Good, no?

  1. I love your confidence in that you can let yourself rest and heal. I often feel like that if I don’t run at least every third day that I will lose everything and not be able to do it anymore. Probably very little running for me this weekend. Maybe a quick track session or some hill repeats early AM Saturday…With a mother in law, a mother, and a wife the mother’s day extravaganza of endless events kicks off Friday afternoon and does not stop until late Sunday.

  2. You know I had 4 days off before running Pittsburgh, right? and look what happened? 🙂 I enjoy my rest days, you NEED them. Besides, I enjoy strength training and yoga probably just as much as running so if I’m not running something else is going on. Eye on the prize… Happy mom’s day to you all!

  3. I saw that, yay!! Glad it wasn’t more serious. I haven’t signed up for some of these fall things yet but may not actually do the Monster half. Gonna play it by ear but will make the summer light!

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