Have Running Shoes, Will Travel…

I’ve been bitten by the travel bug.  In just four months this year I have already been to Colorado (fun), Florida (race-cation), and this past weekend I went to NYC (fun).  It was a brief overnight trip to hang out with friends but I got to the city, checked into my hotel and since I missed my workout that morning – went for a run in Central Park.  (you know you’re a runner when…)


It was a gorgeous day and completely perfect running conditions.  I was so jealous of everyone I knew racing this weekend (#runnerproblems) but this kinda made up for it.  BTW, congratulations to all my pals who ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon!!!!  Now for me only one more week to go and I’ll be running the hills of Pittsburgh for 13.1.  I can’t believe it is already here.  Yelp!!  I don’t feel altogether prepared but I’m going to rock it out anyway!  To that end, here is my workout recap for the week.  I’m glad I got the run in Saturday because if you’ll notice, I had only run once this week, eek!

  • Sunday – 9 mile run
  • Monday – Training session (upper body)
  • Tuesday – REST (deep tissue massage – much needed on the legs!)
  • Wednesday – Training session (lower body squats and deadlifts + some upper body work)
  • Thursday – 2.5 mile walk, cardio kickboxing and abs
  • Friday – REST (had intended to do a 4-6 mile run and ended up with a lovely TGIF migraine.  No Bueno!)
  • Saturday – 4 mile run in NYC!!!

My time at the Princess Half in February really sparked my desire to do more travel runs.  May is just around the corner with two race-cation’s planned for the month in Pittsburgh and Boston.  I am fortunate to have family and friends across the country so these particular trips are combined with visiting and staying with them.  And yes, I am fully aware I am moving the same month I have 2 trips planned, what of it?! 😉

Speaking of Boston, Saucony has these on pre-order with 100% of proceeds going to The One Fund Boston.  I am totally ordering some!


Now, the Summer is generally quiet for me and running (too darn hot!) but I will do a couple local 5k/10k’s to keep the juices flowing as well as another jaunt to Pittsburgh for Steeler’s Women’s Training Camp (squeee! much more on that later.)  I’m solidifying my summer vacation plans to California and am scheduled to race-cation in Chicago and Virginia Beach.  I was considering the inaugural Rock N’ Roll Pittsburgh race, but they just announced it’s cancelled.  Complete bummer for my friends who registered and began training for it.  Though it would have been a very HOT and HUMID race.

After all this (staying healthy of course) my fall racing schedule will consist of another trip to NYC for the Rock N’ Roll Brooklyn 10K and back to Florida for the Disney Wine and Dine.  I’m still *thinking* about the 4 Bridges Half in Chattanooga, TN.  There is so much thinking and planning when deciding which races to do and coordinating travel.  I’m already plotting ahead to 2014 and have put together a short “Race-Cation Bucket List”:

  • Miami ING Half Marathon (Feb 2014)
  • Rock n’ Roll Madrid (April 2014, most likely)
  • Disney Coast to Coast (so many options here and Disney is teasing me with the Glass Slipper)
  • Southern States – I am very interested in the Tennessee, NC, SC, Kentucky quadrant.  Of course, I don’t have to run in these states and can coordinate a simple visit but running is so much more fun!

Sigh… all in due time.  Do you have a Race-Cation (or just general race) Bucket List?!  What’s on it?


FINALLY, one week to Pittsburgh also means less than a week left to VOTE for me in the Got Chocolate Milk? Team Refuel contest.  Please vote daily (link here) until Friday, May 3rd.  Give me an extra boost of positivity going into my half weekend!!!!! Thank you and thank YOU 🙂


8 thoughts on “Have Running Shoes, Will Travel…

  1. I have too many marathons to count on my bucket list, which is why I am taking a year off of “racing”, and just running a ton of marathons for fun!
    Good luck with the Pgh Half!! Just saw the weather, they’re forecasting 50° at the start, 59° by noon, chance of rain (of course).

  2. Good for you!! This year I am doing 13 in 2013, but next year I am going to really focus on where I want to go and limit the number.

    Excited for Pittsburgh, but feel wholly unprepared. Geez. Weather sounds good – well, better than the 20 degrees warmer than it was last year!!

  3. Wow! I am so impressed by your training schedule and by how much you run. I am only just starting a C25K so I can’t even fathom what running a half or full marathon would be like. But I think it’s awesome that you have “race-cations.” 🙂

  4. I’m insane!! 🙂 Thanks, when I just got started a few years ago I could never have imagined all this. I’m not very touristy in the traditional sense so race-cations help get me out of the house!

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