What time is it?

Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.”  ~John Archibald Wheeler

Well, that’s an understatement.  I don’t know about you but this Spring is flying.  Absolutely flying.  Call it Spring Fever, but I am restless and feel like I never have enough time.  I’m in the throes of packing for a move next month, work is busy and I can never get enough sleep!  The good news is I have so much on my plate to keep me active, engaged and busy.  The bad news is I have so much on my plate keeping me active, engaged and busy.  See?  I was a little lax on the blog last week for a reason, so today’s post is a little sampling of what’s happening in the world of Mar on the Run!

Last Weekend:

On Sunday I got in a 9 mile run and after my lower bod workout with the trainer on Saturday – ouch.  It was kind of brutal.  I did it and foam rolled after but have you ever had a run that was just so laborious to get through?  This was it.  On the bright side it was a gorgeous day and perfect conditions for a run.  Monday was all upper body with the trainer.  Today is a rest day and I am getting a deep tissue massage.   Yes, that is happening.

This Week:

Later this week I am doing a personal photo shoot with friend/photographer, Eileen Earnest Photography.  255482_399052956817207_499163764_nCheck her out folks, she’s amazing!  Her work is mainly with little ones, but I think my vertical alignment has granted me an exception 😉  I’m excited to see how this goes and will share some pics – along with a personal post I’ve been working on – in the next few weeks.

Coming Attractions:

We are inside of 2 weeks until the Got Chocolate Milk? Team Refuel voting ends.  I’m nervous and excited.  I know all my friends (and readers!) have been working their voting fingers and really hope this ends on a positive note for me!!  I need the race money 🙂

Here is the LINK again – get to voting, which ends May 3rd.  refuel

I am also inside of 2 weeks to my next race – the UPMC Pittsburgh Half.  This is my second year doing this race – and it’s the 5th anniversary of the event.  I’ll be amongst friends and family which is what makes traveling and running in Pittsburgh so special.  I have focused the last couple of weeks on strength training with my trainer, which I had slacked on a bit – and felt the effects of in my running.  I’ve been much more focused on what I’m eating and drinking and making sure to get my conditioning up.  I love running in Pittsburgh.  The hills are a challenge but to be expected.


After Pittsburgh, it’s the Girls on the Run 5K and then off to BOSTON (!!!) for the Boston Run to Remember.  Really looking forward to that race, visiting my old stomping grounds and spending time with friends.  So to recap:  moving, running, training, work, photos, Got Chocolate Milk?, massage, travel.  No wonder I’m exhausted.  Now, what time is it again?


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