Why I Love Running…

“If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon” ~ Kathrine Switzer

I think the entire running community is at a loss for words over what happened at the Boston Marathon on Monday.  The Boston Marathon is a big deal.  Almost all runners dream of or aspire to qualify for this race, which is considered the pinnacle of running events.  It is a big deal.  So with the events that transpired yesterday runners all over have stood up to show their support and vow to keep on running.  This runner included.

And I take this one personally.  The City of Boston was my home for a long time.  13 years to be exact.  While I was born and raised a Pittsburgh gal, Boston is where I “grew up”.  My entire adult life was lived in this city.  My first grown up job, where I got my master’s degree, where I met a whole host of lifelong friends – my best friend and her family are still there –  where I visit at least once (if not more) a year, and where I first started running, for real.  I have fond memories of running along the Charles River and remember the sense of accomplishment and how great it felt the first time I ran from Longfellow Bridge all the way to the Harvard Bridge (Massachusetts Avenue) then to the BU Bridge and back – that’s 4.6 miles y’all!!

Boston skyline2

Boston Skyline – taken while cruising the Charles River… July 2008

As a sports fan while my football allegiance has always been with the Steelers (sorry, Pats could never take me away!) the Red Sox certainly captured my heart.  Marathon Monday, Patriot’s Day – while I never had the “holiday” off like most in the city – very little work was done.  We’d gather in a room and finish watching the marathon while flipping over to the annual Red Sox game.  And even though I’ve been gone a couple of years, and was ready to move on, Boston will always be home for me and hold a special affinity in my heart.

There is nothing more I can say that others haven’t already expressed.  Sorrow, dismay, anger, sadness.  But we runners are resilient – we are a community.  I’ll be in Boston next month and I will run.  Nothing can take the pleasure I get from this sport away, nothing.  So, continue to pray for those affected by this awful tragedy and RUN ON.


Why I Love Running – my top ten:

  1. GRATITUDE: running makes me grateful every day for the steps I am able to take and the ability and freedom I have to do it.  That feeling is immeasurable.
  2. HEALTH BENEFITS:  I laugh when people tell me running is bad for your knees.  Anything done in excess can be bad for you!  But ask your doctor if sitting on your can is right for you.  🙂
  3. GEAR:  Sorry, this is a chick thing, but running gear is soooo stylish now, what’s not to love?
  4. FOOD:  Yes, I am a relatively healthy eater 9 times out of 10 – but because of my dedication to running I can eat whatever I please and not feel guilty about it.  I just add an extra mile or two for the really bad stuff 😉
  5. TRAVEL:  Of course I enjoy the local races and could vacation anywhere, but as my Disney trip proves, going on race-cations is a great way to see places you might not otherwise visit!
  6. ME TIME:  Running clears the mind and frees the soul.  This is time I carve out for me.  You can’t be mad or upset when you’re running.  I love the runners high.
  7. GIVING BACK:  A lot of races and running organizations partner with or benefit charities.  This is a great sport to allow you to get involved and give a little something back.
  8. STAY IN SHAPE:  My running habit is so ridiculous now, it leaves me no choice but to stay in shape.  Hey, I could have worse addictions.
  9. FREE:  Yes, we crazy runners pay fees to run in races, get shiny medals and technical shirts.  But in general it costs absolutely nothing to strap on those laces and hit the pavement.  And as you can see from steps 1-8, it’s totally worth it in my book.
  10. COMMUNITY:  The sense of community I have felt since I started actively racing and even with this blog is simply amazing!!!  Just the other day I had a total stranger wave and nod at me as we passed each other on the trail.  We runners know where to find one another.  And we understand each other (even when our family and friends think we’re nuts).  I wouldn’t have it any other way.
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21 thoughts on “Why I Love Running…

  1. I love your top ten! Especially 1-4. I’d rather buy running clothes than street clothes any day (and my wardrobe makes that quite obvious!)
    Today, when I was running in honor of the victims of this act of terrorism, non could have been truer than #1. I am – and will always be – grateful for every step. Absolutely nothing makes me feel more carefree and young than running.

  2. Absolutely!! If I could wear running tights to work every day – good gravy I would 🙂 And I definitely had to list gratitude – now I run for me and those who can’t…

  3. When you said you wrote a similar post I HAD to come check it out and I’m glad I did… this is beautiful. It’s fun to see the connections between our two posts 🙂

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