Ready to Blossom…


We have finally arrived at the weekend which can only mean one thing (well, a couple things but…) the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler on Sunday!!  I am really looking forward to this race.  When I lived in Boston a few years ago I tried to get into the lottery and didn’t make it.  Then skipped a year or two not knowing if I’d even be able to make the trek to DC.  Now that I live here I tried again last year to get into the 5K, and again didn’t make it.  So, third time’s a charm because I’m in!!  My last ten miler was the Army Ten in October and I finished with a time of 1:44.  For me I felt that was slow.  I was coming off the Baltimore half the prior week and was spent.  I am hoping for a finish time somewhere around 1:30. Fingers crossed.

It has been so cold the past few weeks and it seemed as though we were given a few teasers of spring and that it was never going to arrive.  It is finally here and in full force and we should have some blossoms for the race!!  I ended up having a free moment for a late lunch today so headed on over to the Expo. It was held at the National Building Museum.  welcomeI have never been there before but this place is absolutely breathtaking as a lot of DC buildings are.image

It was early afternoon so it was busy but not overwhelming, which was nice.  It was easy access to bib pick up – though because this was a last minute change of schedule decision, didn’t print out my email confirmation, d’oh!  No matter, that’s what smart phones are for, so I looked it and up and was able to show the volunteer and pick up my bib with ease.  I checked out a few of the booths downstairs and because I am such a sucker for swag at these things, bought a couple of fun things and a new pair of shoes.  I am becoming a running shoe hoarder.  It’s getting slightly out of hand.  But aren’t these Asics (my go to brand now) adorbs??  Too bad I can’t wear them on Sunday!

My intent this week was to run Thursday then rest Friday and Saturday.  Post Maroon 5 concert Wednesday evening, my Thursday plans changed – just a tad, the couch is where I needed to be.  Instead today I went for a nice easy 3.5 mile run after work, did some light strength training and will spend my Friday night relaxing.  Wine optional.  🙂  I also need to finish up my actual playlist for Sunday.  If you missed my “Give Me a Beat” post yesterday on the blogger link up to help refresh your running playlists check it out here.  I’ll definitely be using some of those tunes!

Lastly, I have been a Sweat Pink Ambassador for  several months now.  I have connected with some awesome ladies who are committed to health and fitness and like me, enjoy talking about it and sharing their experiences with others.  It can be a bit overwhelming but it is certainly fun!  It took me forever to do this but I finally ordered and received today my Sweat Pink Swag – and I think I’ll be sporting my pink shoelaces for the run!!  sweat pink

With a predicted high of near 70, I am so ready for Sunday!!!  Just as soon as I figure out what to wear… 😉

Are you racing this weekend?  How will you enjoy the beautiful spring-like weather that has finally arrived?  Have a lovely weekend folks!!


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