Running Happy!

Sunday I had the pleasure of participating in the Chris4Life Scope it Out 5K here in DC – as part of Team Colon Happy or “: 🙂 ”  The Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation works to raise awareness and funds as well as improve the lives of those suffering from Colon Cancer – the 2nd leading cause of cancer deaths.  I was proud to participate in this race because I was amongst close friends – scratch that, amongst family – and supporting my friends father an 11 year colon cancer survivor (yay!)  I encourage you to check out the website to learn more and donate if you can!


Post half marathon, I had a fairly restful week as far as workouts go (rock climbing notwithstanding) so was undecided if I was going to walk or run this race.  For late March it is awful chilly in DC these days (not going to complain, saw the 10 day forecast and it’s looking nice!) but I bundled up and decided as I got there, I was going to run.  Now, I was not in any kind of “competitive” mode – that’s just not the spirit in which I was there – but as I got going I fell into a nice rhythm.  I’ve said this before, but I love running through the streets of DC.  We started at Freedom Plaza facing the Capital along Pennsylvania Avenue.  The 3.1 mile route took us down by the Capital and then slightly south around Independence Avenue and back towards the Capital, passing the reflecting pool and US Botanical Gardens (kinda bare right now!) and ending back on Pennsylvania Avenue near Freedom Plaza.  I finished in 27:59 and then waited at the finish line to cheer on the rest of my team as they crossed.  Such a GREAT MORNING!!!!

As much as I love racing, it is nice to participate in charity events like these – to learn more about or support a cause, to connect with your friends and family, and just recognize how special life is.  If you have never done this, I cannot recommend highly enough that you do!

The rest of my week will focus on re-energizing my training schedule and getting ready for the Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run on April 7.  It will involve cross/strength training and a few runs.  The good news about the non-springlike weather we are having is the estimated peak for cherry blossoms is now April 4-6… just in time for the namesake run:



Woo hoo, fingers crossed!!  Enjoy your week folks!

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