Almost time to Rock! (and most definitely roll…)

The Rock and Roll USA half marathon is this Saturday!!  I think I just yelped out loud!  I’m not quite sure what I was thinking scheduling a half 3 weeks out of my last one, but I’ve maintained my running schedule since Disney Princess and am as ready as I’ll ever be.  Yea, I’m also super stoked!!  Now if I can just get the weather Gods to cooperate and come to an agreement on how chilly and/or rainy it will be, I’ll feel better in the prepared department 😉


I popped over to the Expo on my lunch hour this afternoon.  Excellent decision.  No crowds or long lines and I got to enjoy the experience a little, even if I had limited time.  Nice swag and I got to see a close up of the medal (double yelp!)


While I was there, I was stopped by the Team Refuel folks of the “Got Chocolate Milk” campaign.

choco milk

Somehow I was persuaded (lol) to enter their contest to ‘join the team’ by getting my photo taken and filming a 60 second spot on why I refuel with chocolate milk (I do, as does their celebrity spokesperson, Hines Ward – mm hmm).  They are currently taking video applications and will narrow the field down to 10 applicants who then will need to get votes online and through social media.  The lucky winner will become a part of Team Refuel for a year, get $500 in sponsorship money, free fitness gear and race entries.  Um, yes please.  My only disappointment is that I didn’t know about this sooner.  I need time to be witty 😉  The videographer told me it was good (and natural) so we’ll see.  But at least I got a cool towel out of the deal!!


At this point there is nothing left for me to do but stretch, foam roll, rest and repeat.  For this race, I have something to prove.  A year ago I ran this event as only my second half marathon ever.  I was pretty excited to be doing it.  Timing was perfect as it was a good 5 months after my first half the previous October.  I was a dedicated runner in training for that fall race.  I found an 8 week training plan which I stuck to pretty much to the mile.  For this one however I was a bit slack and inexperienced when it came to follow up racing.  DC turned out to be unseasonably warm for the mid-March event, which I was not prepared for.  I wore a short sleeve and a long sleeve technical shirt over top.  By the end I was soaked to the bone and completely miserable!

My first mistake was shooting out of the gate quickly.  I ran my 5K in less than half an hour and 10K was less than an hour.  Ordinarily good times but not when you have another 10K to go!  As I approached Mile 6 we began this ascent uphill.  I started to slow down but the crowd cheers on the overpass really got me going.  I remember taking some Gatorade around Mile 7 which didn’t taste very pleasant (not sure if it was me or the way it was mixed) but ended up getting really sick and cramped up around Mile 8.  I slowed down considerably but eventually just stopped running.   I walked for a good 15 minutes (at least a mile!)  I tried to pick up the pace again but never got my momentum back.  Mile 10-13.1 took everything in me to finish.  I took off my long sleeve shirt, but at this point I was drenched.  It also had my bib number on it so I just tied it around my waist instead of dealing with the safety pins. Ugh.

But, I did FINISH with a time of 2:28!  I powered through and to this day that is the hardest working 13.1 I have ever encountered.  I learned my lesson in preparation after that and managed to PR later in October.  My mission this weekend is to finish (always) and beat my time of last year.  And if I can PR for good measure – well, that’s just the icing on the cake.

Soooo, are you ready to Rock, cause I know I AM??? Wish me LUCK this St. Patty’s Day weekend!!!! (and do an anti-rain dance!)


7 thoughts on “Almost time to Rock! (and most definitely roll…)

  1. Just read your recap! It really was a fun race. It’s nice to know through all the seriousness of running that events like these make you realize how much you enjoy the sport 🙂

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