Lions, Tigers & Bears – oh my!

Monday was going to be a planned rest day.  I am now inside of a week to the Rock and Roll USA half – which is this Saturday, March 16 so taper activity to commence!  The rest of the week was to include strength training on Tuesday and one final run on Wednesday before resting it out the remainder of the week (ie. stretching and yoga).  After all my birthday activity (which was spectacular p.s. and by the way) I managed an 8+ mile training run on Sunday.  It was long, sluggish and grumpy because Daylight Savings time was not my friend but in any event, Monday rest. However, a little afternoon burst of energy prompted me to head out for a walk.  And I ended up at the Zoo!!

zooIf you have never been to DC or the National Zoo, you have to know a few things.  First, admission is FREE! Second, the grounds remain open even after the official zoo closes.  Third, it is pretty expansive and hilly inside (learned that the hard way) with paths throughout.  Honesty time, I have actually never been to the zoo.  I’ve run through it and around it as there are running paths everywhere but never inside to see the displays.  I can now say I have been TO the zoo!  I turned on my MapMyRun app, grabbed my camera and managed a nice 3.5 mile walk in and around the zoo park.

It was early evening so the exhibit buildings, visitors center, and concessions were closed but I did get to see a few furry and wet little zoo creatures 🙂  Like this guy chillaxin in his tree:

Red Panda

Red Panda – National Zoo

And this little bugger swimming around in all his sea lion glory:


Sea Lion – National Zoo

And this wolf and his grey friend (couldn’t get him he kept moving around and blending in) were howling like crazy!


And this gray seal signifies everything there is about a “rest day”


Gray Seal

And this baby Foal was oblivious to the cares of the zoo world 😉


While I didn’t get to see any “real” lions, tigers or bears… these will just have to do:


Some days you just need to go non traditional with your workout activity – planned or not.  Today was that day…

You’ll get my rock and roll post in a few days 😉


2 thoughts on “Lions, Tigers & Bears – oh my!

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