Age ain’t nothing but a number…

Welcome, welcome March!!!! (well, 3 days ago but you get it)  Now that the euphoria of the Disney Princess Half is starting to wear off, it’s on to the next thing – the Rock ‘n Roll USA Half here in DC.  It’s in less than 2 weeks – nothing like no rest for the weary.  While I prepare for that, I also celebrate my birthday week!!  It’s my last year in my 30’s and I must say, I have never felt better.  Age is truly nothing but a number and I actually weigh less and have more muscle mass than I did in high school!!  That’s reason one to celebrate, right??

Every year for my birthday I focus on me.  I take the day off work and go to the spa.  I’m talking full scale luxury and relaxation – fuzzy robe and slippers, the longest massage time will allow, a deluxe pedicure, and sometimes a facial.  Then spending time with friends and a nice meal 🙂  Pure bliss… (a shot from last years spa day):IMAG0892

I think you need those moments, not necessarily just on your birthday – but that’s always a good time in my book.  A lot has happened in my life over the past year – both good and bad – but I’m grateful to be another year older… another year wiser… another year stronger… and another year better.  Bring on the cake!!!!!

Speaking of cake 😉 today for my long run I decided to change it up a bit.  I was aiming for 7 miles, which I managed but did it DC style 🙂  It’s been chilly on the east coast so dressing for the occasion, I headed towards the monuments and took a route over the Arlington Memorial Bridge and GW Parkway.  I have never run this direction before but what amazing views of the city!  About 3.5 miles in I got to the airport then turned around to finish the loop.  I’m regretting not making a photo montage of this trip – but note to self for next time.  Though I did manage to capture a couple self portraits towards the end of my run (Lincoln Memorial to the left and Washington Monument on the right):


I finished my route with a dash around the Lincoln Memorial and a view of the reflecting pool (ew, in the winter) and Washington Monument/Capitol.  A little preview for March 16th’s run!  Afterwards, I realized I could have probably run more miles but stopped to stretch and in front of me were the Watergate Steps:


You have to know what’s next, right?  Yup…  I ran them.  Er, sprinted.  3 sets up and down.  Something is gonna be hurtin’ in the A.M.  🙂  After all this activity, I did my weekly grocery shopping and meal prep.  An exercise I have failed on in the last couple of weeks with all the travel but I’m getting back on the wagon!  Lots of good, delicious and healthy meals on tap this week!

For dinner, stuffed green peppers (lean ground turkey, brown and wild rice, diced tomatoes and spices) and a sweet bowl of strawberries for dessert.  strawberries2

This lifestyle is SO yummy!!!  Have a fabulous week folks!


4 thoughts on “Age ain’t nothing but a number…

  1. You are so right. Age is what we make it. I actually find that now that I discovered this lifestyle I am healthier than I was in my 20s. It is so wonderful to feel stronger, more powerful, and healthier as I get older.
    Sounds like you had a great run and have a great b-day planned.
    I am making my first ever DC trip this year for the Marine Corp Marathon and am so excited to run by all those monuments.

  2. I’m definitely healthier now than in my 20’s. but that’s what being young is all about – experiencing life! Now I’m not only experiencing but enjoying 🙂 You’ll love the MCM run!

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