Happy Runniversary to me!!!

As I look to turn the page on this last day of February to March, I realized that exactly 3 years ago today (2/28/10), I participated in my first race ever – the 30th anniversary Hyannis Half Marathon and 10K in Hyannis, MA.  I ran the 10K in 1:08 in cotton pants, a fleece jacket, and cross-trainers (lol).  What a difference a year (or two or three) makes!  12 medals, countless races, running shoes and technical shirts later, I am impressed with how far I’ve come.  I am truly a running addict and wouldn’t change it for the world!  WOW!  Happy Runniversary – now go buy me something pretty! 😉

So much excitement happening in the coming month.  I have a few races, it’s my birthday month 🙂 and the start of spring, just to name a few.  Yee haw!  This week has been spent trying to get back into the swing of things since returning from Florida on Monday (and trying to maintain that Disney euphoria).  My next half marathon is the Rock N’ Roll USA half on Saturday, March 16.  That’s only 2 weeks away folks.  So, I need to keep the momentum up.  Here’s a a quick summary of my workout activity this past week (*planned activity):

  • Sunday:  Disney Princess Half.  If you missed it, check out my race recap.
  • Monday:  travel day/rest day
  • Tuesday: quick 2.5 miles treadmill recovery run
  • Wednesday: Yoga (goodness what a great stretch that was!)
  • Thursday*: BodyPump
  • Friday*: 5 mile run
  • Saturday*: Cardio and strength training

For next week, it should look more of the same.  Long run on Sunday, a couple of strength training days, short runs, and yoga.  Outside of the half I also have 2 smaller runs that I’ve worked into my schedule.  On Sunday, March 10 I plan on participating in the St. Patrick’s Day 8K (another costume opportunity!) which should be fun.  And on Sunday, March 24 I’ll participate in the Chris4Life Scope it out 5K.  I’ve joined a team with several friends to support and raise funds for Colon Cancer awareness.  My good friends father is a colon cancer survivor so really looking forward to this event and sharing the day with a great group of people.

If you’ve been counting that’s 4 races by the end of March and a third of the way through my 13 in 3013 challenge!  My “subject to change” racing schedule has already had a couple of drop offs and additions.  My running partner and I were so excited about the Disney Princess half that we ended up signing up for the Wine and Dine Half in November at the expo.  An evening run with wine after?  umm yes, please!  🙂 She also convinced me (like that’s hard) to do the Rock N’ Roll Half in Virginia Beach Labor Day weekend.  So, a few decisions had to be made.  I am no longer participating in Tough Mudder in April (though will likely do Warrior Dash in May!) and I am not going to travel to Chattanooga for the 4 Bridges Half so perhaps in 2014!  Check out my upcoming races page for the latest list *still subject to change of course, ha!

A girl could have bigger problems…

Now, should I celebrate this runniversary with cake?? hmm.


4 thoughts on “Happy Runniversary to me!!!

  1. Wow, you’ve come so far!!! Happy Anniversary and happy born month!!! 🙂 I’ve been wanting to try yoga, I’ve heard it’s really good for runners.

  2. Thanks!!! Running has seriously changed my world 🙂

    And I love yoga! I really need to make more of an effort to do it more. It’s definitely worth trying. Some places even have yoga classes specifically for runners.

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