Getting to the Happiest Place on Earth…

I completed an 8 mile run yesterday (actually it was a little more but darn my Nike app!) and am now inside of 2 weeks to the Disney Princess Half (yay!).  One more long run before I get to see Mickey!!  I must say, I am chomping at the bit to get out there!  I did not realize I had NO races on tap in January, and my first one not until the end of February.  What was I thinking?  Of course, getting sick for over 2 weeks might have put a hamper on any racing plans, but still, I’ve discovered that not having anything in the works is no fun!!  In any event, once the Princess run hits then racing season officially begins for me and I start a series of fabulous races and travel, double yay!!  Later this week, I hope to announce details of my giveaway so stay tuned… *hint: check back around Valentine’s day 😉

Since I haven’t been able to stop talking about Disney 🙂 many people have asked me how I even found out about this race as well as other various races I sign up for.   In general, there are a few running websites I check out often. is probably the largest and most popular resource out there and is the center for most race registrations.  With a pretty extensive database of running events, you can look up races by distance and location and even register for an account to keep track of it all (they also offer an advantage program for a fee and you can get discounts on registrations).  Runners World is another useful resource with a searchable database.  Most events link up through in order to register.  Local running stores – such as Pacers in the DC area – have a community events calendar and put on running events of their own as well as a running club.  Don’t discount the local community races, fun runs and charity fundraising runs!  I get other racing ideas through word of mouth and from the people I follow in the running community.

As far as Disney goes – that was by accident!!  I knew someone who signed up for the Wine and Dine Half (in November) and I thought, that’s cool – running at Disney.  But the idea went over my head and I had my own set of races already scheduled for the fall.  Soon after, a running site I follow mentioned the upcoming medal “reveal” for the 5th anniversary Princess Half.  That intrigued me enough to follow the story.  When I saw the tiara medal, I knew I wanted it!  That is pretty much when I discovered the runDisney website and the community of races it puts together.  Some of the highlights:  they offer additional medals for Coast to Coast (running a race in the same year in both Disneyland and Walt Disney world) as well as special medals for their “challenges”  which encompasses running separate race distances in the same weekend.  These are so popular, that I didn’t even have time to blink for registering for the Dumbo challenge in August before it sold out (I was on an airplane).  Drat!

Another popular and well known running series is the Rock N’ Roll Marathon series.  There are “tour stops” all across the country and a few overseas (Madrid, anyone?)  They are costly, but worth it in my opinion.  You get a medal for all their race distances (including 5K) which is a plus, but also you get additional “bling” if you run 2 or more races in the series.  I have 3 RnR races scheduled for this year and possibly a 4th.  Race events such as these are high profile and popular on their own that the running community just knows to look for them.  A few other popular racing series which are geared specifically towards women are ZOOMA Races series (Half and 10K), Nike Women’s Half Marathon and Divas Half Marathon series (Half and 5K).  And one can’t forget the mud/obstacle events like Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash.

I’m sure there are many, many more and I’m always on the lookout for fun and up and coming events.  Hope to see you on the runway!!

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