Recovery Week!

As I sit here watching the Super Bowl, I am super duper excited about the last 2 days as I have finally turned the corner from this flu.  I still am bogged down by a nagging cough, but I have ways to deal with that 😉 .  My plan for Saturday was to enjoy a relaxing morning/afternoon and do a little light workout at the gym.  As I sat in my fleece pj’s something unusual happened – the intercom in my apartment (new information, didn’t know this existed!) went on and a recorded message told me a fire emergency was reported in the building and to leave immediately.  I blew it off initially, until it repeated itself a few times, also sounding the alarm.  The stairwell certainly smelled of an active emergency and when I got outside, there were at least 8 firetrucks and multiple ambulances.

I hung around for several minutes, but knew there wasn’t anything I could do.   I ended up hopping the metro to the Gap and picked up some clearance item workout gear then headed to the gym (um, yeah I noted I was in my PJ’s and didn’t think/have time to change!)  I did a 25 minute incline/hill walk and breathing was ok so ran the last 5 minutes.  Also got some arm work in (3 x 10 – pushups, tricep dips, bicep curl w/shoulder press, reverse flies) and then some planking.  Whew!  I should also note, the emergency crews did their thing and no one was injured, so thanks guys!! 🙂

Today I ran a nice and steady 5K in 28:10.  I might have been able to go longer, but worked up a pretty good sweat and didn’t want to overextend myself so soon.  Indeed, I felt pretty good.  Tomorrow I have strength training on tap and some more running with higher mileage later this week.  All of my runs this week are treadmill runs since I’m using an inhaler and don’t want to be out in the elements (and the air has been quite cold!) but hope to move outdoors this weekend.

After my run today I went grocery shopping and did something I have never in recent memory done before – prepped my meals for the week!!  Gotta say, this was a pretty exhilarating and yummy assignment.  For game time, I crocked a pot of turkey and veggie chili with enough for leftovers this week!  Just a few examples:


Exhibit A: veggie mix of yellow and red onions, snap peas, mushrooms, red peppers and zucchini!


Exhibit B: Baby spinach with strawberries, chopped walnuts and dried cranberries. To be topped with grilled chicken (not pictured)

These are my personal favorite:  whole wheat tortilla filled with baby spinach, thin sliced roast beef, reduced fat pepper jack cheese and a light honey mustard dressing.  YUM!

wrap wraps

The only downside, everything looks so good that I want to eat it now!! 🙂


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