February couldn’t come fast enough…

Welcome February!!!!  While this is traditionally the time folks start to forget what their resolutions were and the gym crowds begin to thin out 🙂 running addicts like me are just. getting. started.  Me especially because January was an awful training month.  I ran a paltry 25.5 miles.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Less than a marathon were my TOTAL miles for the month.  Ugh.  That simply will not do.  I picked up whatever germs have been sweeping the nation, but according to my doctor, I am going to live and can exercise just fine based on how I feel (phew!)  The only thing I must contend with is a nagging cough, lack of energy, and thus getting ready for 13.1.

In exactly 3 weeks from this moment, I will be in Orlando ready to dance with Mickey and run like a Princess.  SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!  Can you tell?!  First race of the year, first race of the season and first run in the 13 in 2013 challenge for me.  I intend to enjoy every second of that weekend but the getting ready part comes first…

You know the saying, “it takes 21 days to make a habit”?  Well, I’ve turned that into I have 21 days to prepare myself for race weekend!!  And, after missing 2 weeks of training due to travel and this stupid cold/flu, the first 7 days breaks down like this:

  1. TODAY, 2/1:  Friday – last rest day (I swear!) – need to let the medication for the cough sink in and relax (that’s the codeine effect)
  2. Saturday – Gym workout: treadmill walk and weights (testing out the breathing and stamina!)
  3. Sunday – Light run:  aiming for 3 miles (will do more if I am not hampered by the lingering ailment)
  4. Monday – Strength training with the trainer 🙂
  5. Tuesday – Rest
  6. Wednesday – Run 5-6 miles
  7. Thursday – Strength training with the trainer 🙂

In addition to my 21 day training plan, I need to focus on energizing myself and nutrition.  I tried to be good during my downtime with what I was eating and drinking but there are only so many ways to make soup eating delicious and sustainable 😉 and feeling like you’re coughing up a lung every time you take a sip of something isn’t entirely helpful.  So, since I looooove lists (I’m not Type A at all…) I will spend my last rest day putting together a meal plan for the week and a grocery list.  Then take some time Sunday to prepare meals and snacks to get me through the week.  See… all you need is a little focus, a blog for accountability and a good doctor who feels your pain!

Sigh… (that was a good sigh) I already feel better!


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