Time for Plan B…

“To be successful you must accept all challenges that come your way. You can’t just accept the ones you like.”
– Mike Gafka –

This pretty much sums up my week.  If you read my last post you know I came down with the flu late last week.  I hate being sick and I’m still fighting this sucker!  The Disney Princess Half is in less than a month, so of course the only thing I’ve been concerned about it is when can I get back to my training schedule?!  This has been a little unexpected bump in the road.  I can’t complain or whine about it (well, I could but that certainly won’t help anything) so, onto Plan B.

Today marks the beginning of what should be Week 4 in my training plan.  This has now been scrapped and will need to be readjusted.  Being home with your thoughts (and slight delirium!) gives you time to think and put things in perspective.  Of course, this time off has not been without some level of Google/Web MD panic about working out while sick and how much time off I can actually sustain.  BUT, what I’ve realized is this event coming up is at the happiest place on earth and I plan on having FUN with it.  I know I need to be prepared, but I also have 5 half marathons under my belt and know I can do the distance.  I AM A RUNNER. I got this.  🙂

Here are my thoughts on Plan B:  With only a few days left in the month, January is pretty much a wash so I will begin anew on February 1.  I’ll start slowly with walking and light lifting and see how I feel.  I’ll aim for a long run (7-8 miles) on Sunday with a major run/walk component.  Of course, all this depends on me actually improving in the breathing/stuffy head department but mind over matter at this stage.  My new plan is now a 21 day training plan with a lot of run/walk intervals, yoga, and building up on the strength training.  The good news is my eating habits have still been pretty good with lots of green tea/juices/water and fruit and veggies.

Was I ready for this sick challenge?  Nope.  But, here it is and here I am – accepting.  See ya soon Mickey!!!!


6 thoughts on “Time for Plan B…

  1. Mar you can do this! Your plan B sounds good, but, as you said…you are a runner. I’m not getting this run/walk stuff. If it’s a breathing issue and that’s how it winds up then so be it, I get that, but why plan it that way? Sounds just like an advanced excuse to be lazy. Your body knows how to do this and I doubt the week off has done much of anything to your muscles or cardio. Not trying to be mean or anything, I just know that you can hammer this princess thing for a PR. Of course this is from a guy who always pushes too hard and will be seeing doctors this week instead of training because of it…so take it for what it’s worth.

  2. Yes, it’s a breathing thing. I want to attempt a run this weekend but don’t want to go into it all charged up. The flu has completely zapped me. Need to be reasonable here! There is nothing wrong with run/walking. All runners do it. It’s also for building endurance. I have not run more than 6 miles in over a month and haven’t worked out in almost 2 weeks. I will do what I need to do to get my strength back. No offense taken but everyone is different. I have several races on the docket, need to be sensible (cough cough) 😉 I do not envision a PR at the Princess, I have other opportunities for that. Don’t think I’m not going to stop and take pics with the characters along the way!!!

  3. You’ve so got this…it’s always a bit unnerving to get injured, sick or have a busy life that makes it impossible to keep up with the busy training schedule. I know you are going to rock the Princess. I hope I get to see you!! 🙂

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