The Best Laid Plans…

Sigh.  Sigh.  I said SIGH…. Yes, I am grumpy.  Why?  Because I’m sick.  And I always get grumpy when I’m sick.  I was so worried about catching something that would ruin my Colorado trip, I didn’t think I’d come down with an affliction AFTER it.  So, yes – having just returned from a glorious long weekend in the Rockies, I went to work yesterday, then enjoyed an evening pedicure, dinner with a friend and retired early.  Next thing I know, my alarm is dinging and my throat is stinging (see what I did there? 😉 )  And you know you’re a running addict when the second you’re achy body hits the floor your first thought it, “crap, I hope I can get my long run in this weekend”.

I have been miserable and grumpy ALL day.  And starving.  Seriously?  Is there some medical explanation for this?  In light of this, I mustered up enough energy to drive to Whole Foods and stock up on fruit (grapes, mangos, strawberries, grapefruit – yum!!), juice, tea, and wheat bagels – because if I’m going to be down and out and interrupt my training plans, well, let’s not try to lose my nutritional habits along with it.

I’m exactly 30 days removed from the Disney Princess Half.  I worry about losing too much ground on the training for it, but also know if I don’t get the proper rest and recuperation now, I won’t get rid of what ails me and that will just make it worse.  😦  I had planned on 2 short runs this week and at least one strength training session before a long run this weekend.  I’ll be lucky to get in one short run by Sunday – and if the head congestion doesn’t dissipate soon, that may turn in to a long walk and regroup next week.  Week 3 training recap, there it is.  Sigh…


But a beautiful Rocky Mountain view to brighten the day!!!

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