Fit is not a destination, it’s a way of life…

Chilling in the Rocky Mountains, thinking about taking my 2013 running tour to yet another state, Tennessee.  I heard about the 7 Bridges Marathon/4 Bridges Half Marathon in Chattanooga in October.  Following them on Twitter, this quote they wrote recently popped into my feed.  “Fit is not a destination, it’s a way of life.”  There it is folks the entire essence of this fitness atmosphere that has consumed me.  There is no end point, no final goal, no winners cup – just a mindset and routine to make me feel good, look good, and have the energy to travel all over.  Collecting medals along the way isn’t a bad deal either so why not put forth the effort?

Alright now a Week 2 recap of Operation Get My Workout Mojo Back:

one word.


This was a bit of a challenging week 2 of fitness. Sunday’s long run was a bit sluggish for week 1.  Perhaps it was the misty rain and cooler temps, not the 70 degrees predicted for the DC area that threw me off.  I was also still pretty tired.  And not sleeping great. But, knowing I had this trip coming up I expected to get a couple more days of running in to make up for this, which I didn’t.  Not all bad though.

  • Monday, strength training – worked on upper body and felt pretty good.
  • Tuesday – REST day.  Though, I felt “bad” for resting so ended up doing 4 sets of V-ups and alternating 1:00 planks.  Rest indeed.
  • Wednesday – this was to be a 4 mile run day but after my work day, I was exhausted.  I opted for another rest day (and again V-ups and alternating planks.  3 sets and 30 seconds).  Also, the always on target weather men predicted 5 inches of snow in DC Thursday so thought I’d run indoors Thursday instead of tredging out to the gym and would strength train Friday instead.
  • Thursday, strength training – That 5 inches of snow? Haha… didn’t happen.  Research DC weather for why that’s funny.  Instead met my trainer and worked upper body again in anticipation of my Friday run.  Also did some core work and foam rolling.
  • Friday, 5 mile run (44:26 5 mile run… BOOM!)  Nice end to the week even though it was only one run this week.  I am hoping to get a little mountain climbing in this weekend and we’ll see how I adjust for next week.  But I will adjust and think I’m getting there.

Oh and for the record, I am thisclose to registering for the 4 Bridges Half!!

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