I will make the streets my runway…


This has been a crazy busy week.  I needed to squeeze in two more workouts and pack for my trip to the Rocky Mountains, all the while trying to keep any and all germs away (people around me are dropping like flies!) and looking for some inspiration (and time!) to write my next post.  Today in my Twitter feed the photo and quote from Nike Women you see above, “I will make the streets my runway.” along with the fact that my Princess Disney outfit arrived this week (still not telling!), inspired me to address a topic so many people new to the game ask me about.  What do you wear when you run/workout and how do you make it affordable?

Regarding what to wear: I could go on about this for days!  I probably have more workout gear than regular clothes.  And if my office would allow it, I’d wear yoga pants every day 😉  The first piece of advice I always offer is, everyone is different and you have to do what’s comfortable for you.  If you’re just getting started you may need to experiment a little with clothing since there is a plethora of options available now but if an old t-shirt and shorts works for you – do it. There are so many accessories and gadgets depending on experience level, but I’ll just chat about the basics here.

Typically in the nicer weather months my outfit of choice includes capri length running tights and tank.  Racing I’ll wear a running skirt instead of tights.  As it starts to get cooler I may switch out the tank for a short or long sleeve technical shirt (wicks away moisture, I’m a sweater!)  In the winter I just add a long sleeve (bonus if there are thumb holes!!) jacket or light fleece.  Depending on how cold it is, there is either a tank or short sleeve shirt under the jacket.  Very rarely do I go long sleeve on long sleeve.  And I can’t forget the gloves. My favorite pair are North Face with e-tip so I have easy access to my ipod/phone.

I for one am addicted to obsessed with can’t get enough (you get it!) workout gear which leads me to the cost factor.  Trust me when I say your commitment to get fit doesn’t have to be costly.  I do think you should invest in a couple of high quality core pieces (particularly if you’re going to make this exercise thing a way of life).  Notably for running a really nice and supportive sports bra (this is for the ladies) is an absolute must!!  Shoes are also important.  Try visiting a running store and getting properly fitted. If you’re looking for some motivation, splurge on one outfit to get you going and build around it.

If you like and want to stick with a particular name brand, visit the outlets!  Every so often I will travel there and visit an Under Armour store (my personal favorite) but Nike, Adidas, New Balance, North Face, Reebok, Saucony etc all have outlet stores.  If you’re not into outlet shopping, don’t overlook Gap, Old Navy, and Target.  Three personal favorites of mine and they all have pretty expansive active wear sections with nice quality clothing and often have good sales.  Because I am vertically challenged (ahem) their petite and short options are always a perfect fit (Old Navy online in particular).  Other options are places like City Sports, Modell’s, and Sports Authority who have rewards programs, special discounts, and frequent sales as well.  Sporting goods stores are good places to stock up on things like socks and shirts.

I will often treat myself to something pretty before a big race, nothing extravagant – sometimes just as little as a new pair of socks or headband!  Now, not having the latest and greatest style shouldn’t be the reason you don’t get off the couch (and if it is stop.  Just stop.) but who says you can’t be stylish while you sweat??!!  And if you look good, then you feel good.  🙂

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4 thoughts on “I will make the streets my runway…

  1. I absolutely love Target. Every running skirt I own is from there. And C9 is Champion which back in the day was one of the heavy hitters in workout apparel. I like that they’ve partnered with Target to revitalize their brand. I only wear UA socks… sorry, that’s my thing!

  2. I agree… bra and sneakers are where the splurges happen. I have got a ton of Nike running stuff at Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. Pretty fun to get a $70 top for $25. And they usually have Tempo shorts (my faves) for less than $20.

  3. ah yes, forgot to mention Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. Though hard to come by consistently with their attire, I have purchased one of my favorite running skirts, a Nike for around $10!

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