“The hardest step for a runner…”

“… is the first one out the door.”

I am proud to say I made it through Week 1 of “Operation Get my Workout Mojo Back.”  Woot!!  Seriously, this is to be cheered.  My sedentary ways had really caught up with me.  I’ve gained a “few” pounds and my trainer actually said I lost definition in my arms – GASP!!  That will just not do.  So, for the first time in about a month not only did I work out more than one day a week but I totaled 6 work out days.  Um, was it easy?  Nope.  Matter of fact, it was pretty brutal (and I’m gonna shout out my trainer on this one –  and to see if he actually reads my blog!)

Shall I recap for you?  Of course, why else would you be here!  Quick summary of my plan for the week – and what actually happened 😉

Monday – 3.5 mile run, and some core work Done and done!
Tuesday – 1 hour cross training sessionlower bod focus Done and done!Oh and side note: paaaaainnnfuuuul!  Deadlifts, squats, lunges oh my! I was hurting for days…
Wednesday – 4.5 mile run, more core work Didn’t happen.  See above.  I was in soreness hell.  Compensated with about 20 minutes of yoga, foam rolling and rest.
Thursday – Yoga Sluggish 4 mile run and lots more foam rolling.
Friday – 1 hour cross training sessionupper bod focus Done and done!
Saturday – Long run. ~6miles Didn’t happen.  Opted for 45 minutes of solid cardio at the gym.  A nice, sweaty elliptical cross training workout!
Sunday – REST! Switched my days around and managed a 6 mile long run.  Huzzah!!

This coming week will be a little trickier as I am traveling to the wintery state of Colorado for 4 days of fun!  I’ll improvise but will not run in the thin air so my long run may have to wait.  Here’s the plan for Week 2:

  • Monday – Training session/upper bod
  • Tuesday – REST
  • Wednesday – run 4 miles
  • Thursday – Training session/lower bod
  • Friday – Run 5 miles
  • Saturday/Sunday – out of town (but perhaps some mountain hiking is in store!!)

To stay on my motivation roll, I stopped at Whole Foods Saturday to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies and also came home with some basic ingredients for my very own trail mix.  Voilatrail mix

I just may consume the whole bowl :-/


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