“Motivation is what gets you started…”

“… Habit is what keeps you going.” ~ Jim Ryun

Saw this quote on Twitter this morning and it completely spoke to me.  It is no secret I have taken many, many (did I say many?) days off from exercising.  I’ve lost my workout mojo.  It’s gone, kaput, left me for another.  And like true love that never dies, I am determined to get it back (but not all obsessively and whatnot).  Granted a lot of the rest I have given myself was much needed but now I’ve reached the point where it’s become habit that I spend my day at work and go home immediately to the couch.  A quick 5k here and there hasn’t moved mountains for me.  That motivation you need to have?  I don’t.  This so ends today!

Step 1 is having a goal in mind.  My last post I introduced the Disney Princess Half in February as my next big race.  I have 7 weeks to get my body in gear and back in to race shape.

Step 2 is documenting my steps to reach that goal.  Since today marks Week 1, here is my training schedule to start:

  • Monday – 3.5 mile run, and some core work
  • Tuesday – 1 hour cross training session, lower bod focus (with my trainer who I’ve been ignoring, he I’m sure will be pleased to see me!)
  • Wednesday – 4.5 mile run, more core work
  • Thursday – Yooooooga (OM…)
  • Friday – 1 hour cross training session, upper bod focus (2 training sessions in one week, woomp!)
  • Saturday – Long run.  Shooting for 6 ish miles (this # will go up gradually over the next 7 weeks)
  • Sunday – REST!

Pretty sure I can do this.  No, I know I can do this.  No, no… I GOT this.

Welcome to Operation Get My Mojo Back! 🙂

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4 thoughts on ““Motivation is what gets you started…”

  1. Thanks for commenting on my page! We have a very similar race schedule coming up. I’m running Princess, Rock ‘n Roll and the Cherry Blossom too! Can I entice you to run ZOOMA again??? I’m a race ambassador and have a discount if you are interested! Excited to hear how your training goes 🙂 Lisa

  2. I wrote this post earlier today so it was refreshing to read yours! 🙂 That’s great! We’ll have to put a blog to face at one of them! I’m thinking about ZOOMA. If I did it, it wouldn’t be the half as I’ll be coming off the Boston half. But I enjoyed it and would consider the 10K again.

  3. Go Mar Go! I hit a rut myself, but SOMEONE i know talked me into a half in July. Myself, I’ve taken to getting out of my rut by running 4.5 a day. I know you’re not supposed to run everyday, but I like to break rules sometimes! 😉

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