Up next… to be a Princess!

We’re only 3 days into the new year and even though I’m still on a bit of a workout “break”, I’m doing pretty good with the workouts!  Got in a 4 mile run on New Year’s Day and snuck in a brisk 3 mile evening run tonight.  I came home from work, actually PUT MY PAJAMAS ON then said, what the heck are you doing – go out and run.  So I  did.  I love it when I talk to myself – the bossy me is so bossy.

My next big race is the Disney Princess Half in Orlando next month – 7 weeks!!  I start my training in earnest for this next week so for now I continue to enjoy my “leisure” time.  Last year I ran in 10 races, the last one a half in early December and my body was e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d.  So, I decided to take a little break.  From running, working out, everything.  The rest has been fantastic but now I’m eager to get back into a routine.  My training plan?  running 3 times a week, long runs on Saturday.  Strength training (with my personal trainer) 2 times a week, yoga and/or rest on the off days 🙂  I’ll be ready in no time!

So, about this half… I have never participated in a Disney event before but I hear they are fantastic!  The costumes, the characters, the weather, the atmosphere, I am beyond excited.  I just booked my hotel and will be staying at the resort.  Start and finish line at Epcot, nice flat course perfect for a potential PR – hmm, could I hit one of my 2013 goals already??  And the bling…

Eyes on the prize - the next big BLING!!!

Eyes on the prize – the next big BLING!!!

I also started thinking about the costume and have made a decision on what it will be – won’t disclose what it is just yet but will start “pulling it together”  this weekend.  A tiara will most definitely be involved.  Stay tuned.  😉

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